Hi ..mine is a journey of having reached 70.5kgs from 85.7kgs.. Neha played a pivotal role for 3 months where I followed her diet plan as religiously as I could. she played the role of a coach by motivating & appreciating my efforts at same time forthcoming & strict without any inhibition for my own good.
Every week she would painstakingly monitor my progress by measuring my weight, waist, etc so attending her sessions was something every week was something that had become a second nature of mine and to see every week something positive coming from her weekly meetings was refreshing and motivating at same time reassuring the best thing which I learnt for my life is to be aware of what I have to and not eat. “self awareness”
My major weakness was I had a disproportionate belly due to my eating habits over the years. Example: I could have even 04 milkshakes at a go but after my multiple sessions with Neha I can say its within limits. I had started looking beyond my age which i wanted to sort it and first session i met she said my physique will undergo transformation which was I thought bit of cliché but now I can say it is a fact. I can recommend any person to Neha and I’m sure they will also be a part of this fruitful journey. Wish u all the best and thank u Neha..!!!”