It’s all about good taste!! And I realized that healthy can be tasty as well when I started experimenting with plant-based foods to satisfy my own taste buds, on embracing veganism. Healthy cooking is not only about using the right ingredients but a marriage of right cooking techniques and utensils to maximize the nutrient quotient of the food. I conduct plant-based cooking classes at various cookery studios and clubs for all those who want to learn to prepare clean and healthy but tasty food.



We are surrounded by countless brands that claim to be “healthy/ clean/organic” but may not always be so. I strive to highlight genuine healthy brands, who serve society honestly with no compromise in the health principles and guide my clients to make wise choices for every penny they invest in their health



Variety is the spice of life! Having traveled around the world and savored multiple cuisines, I love bringing them back on the plate with a health tangent. I experiment with various flavors, ingredients, super foods, along with the most nutrient retaining cooking techniques to present it as a unique dish both visually and palatably.I design health menus for cafes, eateries, schools, corp-orates or review their existing menu along with the nutrient content of every dish listed.



With the presence of endless information about food, health and nutrition on the internet and other media, it gets really confusing to choose the right piece of information, suggestions or advice for yourself and I totally get that! Being blessed with the knowledge and ability, the little that I can do for the society is share all that I have learnt and experienced over the years through content development for online health portals, social media channels, magazines, newspapers etc. making sure the authentic information reaches out.



Educating people on health and fitness is nothing less than a passion for me and I do that through engaging and interactive workshops, talks and seminars.


Habits formed in the early years stay forever. Childhood today is not the same it used to be few years back, thanks to the exposure to the unhealthy ways of life such as convenience and processed foods, lack of sleep, inactivity,device addiction, competition and peer pressure etc. All this drastically affects a child’s growth and development and a fair chance to become an able and fit adult in all aspects of life. Health education in schools and colleges is the only way to answer all their questions rationally and motivate them to stay on a healthy path. I totally believe that once you train a child in the way he should go, he will not depart from it even when he is old.


Smarter the woman, healthier the family! Being a woman myself, I truly understand the turmoil every woman goes through to balance her life, her family and at the same time, her health which most often gets neglected. And motivation, inspiration and non-judgemental support are all that a woman needs to shine and fly. My workshops on themes like Be-utiful: Inside-Out, Her-mones at its best, Never Pause after Menopause etc., gives them an insight of their own beauty and how to love and respect their body regardless of anyone’s opinion about them.


For corporates, consistent performance is always the primary demand. And to meet that demand, consistent good health should be the prime supply. But with endless work hours, prolonged meetings and strict deadlines, stress dominates and health takes a back seat. With the correct food habits and destressing techniques during work hours, one can actually scale up their performance, zest and energy and enjoy life to the fullest and this is what I help corporates with through my Health talks- The right ways of eating and living, canteen review, complete health check-up and 1-to-1 nutrition and health coaching.