“Always trust your gut, it knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet”

“Always trust your gut, it knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet”


Gut Healings

Our digestive tract is the only barrier between the external world and our internal system. It is actually an organ whose primary role is to prevent harmful substances from entering inside us. It is one long tube running throughout body comprising of the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, intestine and anus. When our digestive system is healthy and flourishing with a proper balance of stomach acids, enzymes and microbes, it breaks down food perfectly for nourishment and cell repair.

Our gut does not only digest food but is also responsible for our immunity (our gut wall houses 70% of cells that make up our immune system) and is a house of innumerable bacteria known as “gut microflora” that play an essential role in keeping our gut prim and proper while influencing numerous functions in our body like weight loss, hormonal balance, mental health etc. When the digestive system is unable to absorb nutrients from the food and eliminate waste, one may experience all kinds of health issues that may seem to be unrelated to your digestion but quite likely are such as headaches, mood issues, weight gain, hormonal and menstrual issues, frequent cold, cough, allergies and fever, lethargy, body pain, mental health issues, sleep and skin problems — no wonder why it is said that “All diseases begin in the gut” – Hippocrates.Thanks to our mindless and ignorant lifestyle today, we abuse our body with foodless food, unnecessary medications, antacids and antibiotics, toxic drinks and more than required stress, all of which can cause microbial dysbiosis (killing the good bacteria and feeding the bad one). This can manifest as symptoms and conditions such as constipation (which is the first step to cancer), acidity, GERD, bloating, flatulence, ulcers, leaky gut (a cause for allergies and other immune related diseases), I.B.S., gastritis and other gut issues leaving our gut very unhappy.

We believe that gut health can be significantly improved by eliminating the irritants, soothing the gut lining and improving the bacterial population through pre- and pro-biotic foods along with de-stressing techniques and necessary carminative foods, herbs and supplementation.



We do not believe in a quick 5 minute consultation, hand you a prescription and send you away. We emphasize on working on a friendly relationship with our clients and hear them well so that they leave empowered and satisfied.

Our 1 month/ 3 month/ 6 month program includes the following:

Complete health history evaluation to understand your food and lifestyle habits.
Thorough body assessment including weight, B.M.R., B.M.I., fat %, muscle mass, metabolic age, visceral fat and body measurements.
Guidance on the necessary blood work required.
Counselling and coaching based on your problems and queries.
Personalized food and lifestyle plan with supplementation if required.
Weekly follow-ups to assess your progress and make modifications accordingly.
Complete eating out guide, cooking guidelines, self-improvement tips and a bunch of healthy recipes to kick start the process.

P.S. We believe that a minimum of 3 months is what the body needs to adapt to the new changes and kick off the correction process. In some cases, it might also take 6 months to 1 year, depending on the type and severity of your symptoms.

Not from Mumbai?

Worry not, because we can still help you to embark on your health journey irrespective of which corner of the globe you are in through our online wellness program.