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Hi guys
This is ulhas here and I’m here to talk to you about the journey of my depression and how diet has helped me overcoming it. I had depression since about a year and a half, I had started seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist as well. The medications and sessions were doing their part, they helped me a lot but I knew I need to change something, I knew I needed to change my lifestyle because the output of the body depends on the input that you provide to it and that’s why I thought I could seek Neha’s help. When I visited her for the first time she was quite patient with me, she was emphatic towards the problem and listen to me thoroughly, she said something to the effect that the body and the mind needs to be in accordance so that you should function properly and the first step for that is to fix my diet. She put me on a very agitated diet, she reduced meat and dairy from my diet so that hormones do not interact with mind. She removed gluten completely. I started my day with dry Figs and dates which provided the energy to carry on the whole day. Results within three weeks, I started doing things which I had very less energy for me to do, I felt more active throughout the day compared to before where I was lethargic and I couldn’t do anything. Negativity of my mind has been changed to positive thoughts and she counselled me through these phases as well and I’m very thankful that Neha had been there for me throughout this phase. Thank you!


Just like Spider man has Tony Stark (Iron Man) helping him throughout his early days of superhero struggle. OR like how Harry Potter had Severus Snape looking after him from the very beginning. An encounter with Mrs. Neha Ranglani gave me that exact same feeling. An effervescent and charming persona of Neha Ranglani instills a lot of confidence and willpower within me to properly inculcate the healthy lifestyle path that she would guide me on. Her staff is also courteous, well-trained and welcoming. She has 12 years of experience which directly shows in her way I treatment. I shall vouch for her guidance any day and recommend her wholeheartedly. Thanks

tushar luthraAuthor of love at first print

Loved her diet plan as it helped me loose weight and also taught me to follow a healthy diet pattern. Weight loss had always been an illusion for me but Neha made it happen.

suhail shaikhShifastar technologies pvt ltd

When I started my diet with Neha I Almost weighted around 100 Kgs. Slowly and gradually following her diet changed my life. The diet was very easy to follow and very much achievable nothing fancy. I’m today 85 Kgs and all the credit goes Neha and her diet. Thanks


I visited Neha in feb 2017 when i was 55kg and very conscious about looking fat on my wedding in may 2017. Neha helped me by just following a timely eating regime and healthy eating chart and in 3 months i a achieved my target of 49kgs right before the wedding. Thank you Neha.

KANISHKA ISRANIManager- operations at Nielsin India PVT LTD

I used to weigh a 123 kgs. I used to start breathing heavily after walking few steps. I used to eat minimum 10-12 bounty (chocolates) in a day. I had tired a number of things over years to get thin and loose weight – numerous diets (gm diet, only salad diet etc), fat loss medicines, met so many nutritional experts but nothing worked. One day, i felt i has having a heart attack and then i got in touch with Neha. She explained me how my body reacts to different kind of food i ate. She understood my problems, my daily routine, what i eat in a day and analysed the changes i had to make. She didn’t give a generic diet. She made a custom plan to suit my daily routine and made sure i didn’t stay hungry. She helped me understand how and what changes should i make in my life style to improve my health. She never gave me any fancy diets – she helped me understand what i should eat at what time in what quantity to achieve a healthy life. And after few months i started seeing results in myself. I was feeling healthy, i was feeling better from inside. I started eating nutritious food without starving and today i am living a life where I workout 6 times a week and enjoy the food. Neha helped me understand my body better. She changed my life and i am very grateful to god that I finally met the correct person who understood my eating habits and made me a healthier person. Thank you Neha for changing life, for being part of my “fat-to-fit” transformation and helping me achieve a healthy life style


Hi ..mine is a journey of having reached 70.5kgs from 85.7kgs.. Neha played a pivotal role for 3 months where I followed her diet plan as religiously as I could. she played the role of a coach by motivating & appreciating my efforts at same time forthcoming & strict without any inhibition for my own good.
Every week she would painstakingly monitor my progress by measuring my weight, waist, etc so attending her sessions was something every week was something that had become a second nature of mine and to see every week something positive coming from her weekly meetings was refreshing and motivating at same time reassuring the best thing which I learnt for my life is to be aware of what I have to and not eat. “self awareness”
My major weakness was I had a disproportionate belly due to my eating habits over the years. Example: I could have even 04 milkshakes at a go but after my multiple sessions with Neha I can say its within limits. I had started looking beyond my age which i wanted to sort it and first session i met she said my physique will undergo transformation which was I thought bit of cliché but now I can say it is a fact. I can recommend any person to Neha and I’m sure they will also be a part of this fruitful journey. Wish u all the best and thank u Neha..!!!”

SACHIN SHIRALIterritory head, zee entertainment enterprises limited

“It was very difficult losing my postnatal weight. Neha has really helped me lose all of it, without starving me and with a lot of food options..and also considering the fact that I was feeding…she really made my diet fun then monotonous.
Thank you Neha for bringing me back to shape and bring back my confidence.”


Over the last few years a mixture of slowing metabolism, sports injuries and unhealthy eating habits resulted in me piling on the pounds. Despite working out the scale refused to budge!
Consulting Neha, was the best decision I made. Her counseling was meticulous and diet plans are very well structured. At no point does it feel like a diet, you eat regularly but just the right things. Who says healthy can’t be tasty, her recipes are healthy and delicious! No crash diets here, it’s all about identifying what works for your body and what doesn’t. Thanks to Neha, I have lost a fair bit of weight and now can truly enjoy my favorite activities like running, cycling and trekking.”

KAUSTABH BELAPURDirector- Fund advisor, Morning star investment adviser