I have always been the kind of person who believes that hardwork always pays off and when it comes to weight-loss I was looking for that right guidance and then finally I came across Neha. So I remember my first meeting with her wherein she introduced me to the world of plant based nutrition and I was very hesitant at first considering I was a hardcore meat eater and she told me at least try it for a month and then I made up my mind and gave it a shot. To my surprise in the first week itself I was down by 6 kilograms. And immediately after a week, physically and mentally I was so much better. After that there was no looking back I have gained so much more confidence, I am in such a positive space in my life now that I can’t even describe. The other best quality which I found in Neha was that she understood my issues and explained to me in a very detailed manner about why I wasn’t losing weight despite working out hard. I started my journey back in the last week of October 2019 and it’s mid May and I am down by 30 kilograms and I cannot thank Neha for that enough.