I honestly never thought my dad would ever get off of insulin , he took 2 shots of it every day. He always had home food and had healthy habits or atleast he thought he did but after consulting Neha and her doing a thorough analysis of what works for my dad , we started off with a vegan diet which helped him so much so that after a while he happily could manage without insulin. It’s been about a year now and his blood sugar levels are still under control and he has totally stopped taking insulin ! He himself tells me that he never thought he would or could get off of it but he did ! Thanks to Neha for her continued support . Apart for my bus , what I would really like to give her credit for, is the amount of effort it took for her to make my dad unlearn all the misinformation he had learned from various sources. This actually helped him maintain his lifestyle in the long run ,even after finishing his coaching time with Neha . They say that the right coach is not someone who is always there for you but someone who teaches you how to trust yourself and lead life in a correct way without any guidance after a while ,… if this story is not an example for that then I don’t know what is 🙂