I used to weigh a 123 kgs. I used to start breathing heavily after walking few steps. I used to eat minimum 10-12 bounty (chocolates) in a day. I had tired a number of things over years to get thin and loose weight – numerous diets (gm diet, only salad diet etc), fat loss medicines, met so many nutritional experts but nothing worked. One day, i felt i has having a heart attack and then i got in touch with Neha. She explained me how my body reacts to different kind of food i ate. She understood my problems, my daily routine, what i eat in a day and analysed the changes i had to make. She didn’t give a generic diet. She made a custom plan to suit my daily routine and made sure i didn’t stay hungry. She helped me understand how and what changes should i make in my life style to improve my health. She never gave me any fancy diets – she helped me understand what i should eat at what time in what quantity to achieve a healthy life. And after few months i started seeing results in myself. I was feeling healthy, i was feeling better from inside. I started eating nutritious food without starving and today i am living a life where I workout 6 times a week and enjoy the food. Neha helped me understand my body better. She changed my life and i am very grateful to god that I finally met the correct person who understood my eating habits and made me a healthier person. Thank you Neha for changing life, for being part of my “fat-to-fit” transformation and helping me achieve a healthy life style