I live in Abu Dhabi UAE and from about 2 months i was facing severe gut issues like bloating , bad acid refluxes, sour/rusty taste within my chest and mouth, bowel issues and some chest pains as well. There was a sudden loss of appetite and I couldn’t eat at all, like nothing would suit my system. I went to the doctor multiple times and he would just load me with medicines. Nothing would work and in this process I lost 12 kgs in 2 months. This is the worst way to lose weight and only I know how I was feeling not able to eat and obviously its frustrating. And then kicks in anxiety which is another dimension.
Anyhow, I contacted Neha and discussed all these issues. While doctors were making guesses and still couldn’t figure after a few tests, Neha knew exactly what was to be done. She gave me a diet plan to follow and certain other things and so I did!! Many close to me didn’t agree with me doing this as it involved strict following and she told me it will take some time. To my surprise, within 3 days my issues were cleared, appetite back to normal, no more pain, no more frustrations!! Being a foodie, I loved the amazing feeling of eating again!!

Thank you so much Neha, you are amazing!! You knowledge on nutrition is top level and your understanding of gut health and digestive system is phenomenal. Besides that your yoga recommendations and meditation structure is so spot on.

When it comes to gut issues, natural healing is the way to go and Neha is your go to person for nutritional curing. It’s a lifestyle you adopt and to help that, theres no one better in my experience to go to other than Neha.

Thank you so much for curing me Neha.
Big Love.