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This is ulhas here and I’m here to talk to you about the journey of my depression and how diet has helped me overcoming it. I had depression since about a year and a half, I had started seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist as well. The medications and sessions were doing their part, they helped me a lot but I knew I need to change something, I knew I needed to change my lifestyle because the output of the body depends on the input that you provide to it and that’s why I thought I could seek Neha’s help. When I visited her for the first time she was quite patient with me, she was emphatic towards the problem and listen to me thoroughly, she said something to the effect that the body and the mind needs to be in accordance so that you should function properly and the first step for that is to fix my diet. She put me on a very agitated diet, she reduced meat and dairy from my diet so that hormones do not interact with mind. She removed gluten completely. I started my day with dry Figs and dates which provided the energy to carry on the whole day. Results within three weeks, I started doing things which I had very less energy for me to do, I felt more active throughout the day compared to before where I was lethargic and I couldn’t do anything. Negativity of my mind has been changed to positive thoughts and she counselled me through these phases as well and I’m very thankful that Neha had been there for me throughout this phase. Thank you!


Just like Spider man has Tony Stark (Iron Man) helping him throughout his early days of superhero struggle. OR like how Harry Potter had Severus Snape looking after him from the very beginning. An encounter with Mrs. Neha Ranglani gave me that exact same feeling. An effervescent and charming persona of Neha Ranglani instills a lot of confidence and willpower within me to properly inculcate the healthy lifestyle path that she would guide me on. Her staff is also courteous, well-trained and welcoming. She has 12 years of experience which directly shows in her way I treatment. I shall vouch for her guidance any day and recommend her wholeheartedly. Thanks

tushar luthraAuthor of love at first print

I fell sick with gastro in Oct 2014 I was constantly throwing up n losing weight drastically , everybody thought it could be cancer or any such major disease but none of the doctors thought of getting my allergy test done even when I was showing allergy reactions ,I was facing discoloration on my whole body and wouldn’t even like seeing my own self none of us knew what’s wrong as all my reports were normal … it was then I contacted Neha not just a doctor but my close friend too who suggested to get an allergy test done n we than finally got to know I was Gluten intolerant, Celiac & also allergic to many more food items & medicines with which I was even being treated.  N I was shocked how could I have it I never had anything such earlier than this n how can a allergy make me suffer so much , n today u ask me I know so much more that gluten or allergies could do to u !! Had it not been her I wouldn’t have been here today !! Dr. Neha I want to thank you for everything that you have done to make me feel more comfortable about eating gluten-free. Even though living with gluten allergy or being celiac will never be easy for me  (coz I have been a street food lover ), you make it bearable.
Being allergic to gluten and many other things at times makes me cry, and make me mad. But, most of all, you make me grateful that I don’t have to figure this all out on my own. I will forever be grateful to you coz you have given me this new life when i/everyone had lost all hopes. THANK YOU!

RICHA RANAWATFashion Designer

I have suffered from IBS probably all my life and my Pre menstrual dysphoric disorder was making my life every month very difficult and causing my personal and professional life to be largely dysfunctional. When i met Neha i was helpless and exhausted. Neha has a very different approach from most nutritionists. Her concern is first your gut, your health, hence weight loss. Excluding Gluten and dairy from my diet changed my life, calmed my monthly hormones, cleared up my skin and made my IBS almost vanish.In the process over a period of 6 months i became lighter too. Neha was always compassionate and very accessible and that really helped me transition.I am grateful and very thankful to her. 


Being a Bollywood Actor, looking lean and muscular 24×7 is a very crucial part of my profession. The diet that Neha has given me is very easy-to-follow because she worked around my tastes and timings. She improved my diet by suggesting minor but very effective changes. I have been following her diet for 4 years now and I can’t call it a diet because what all I’m doing is just making healthier choices.


I am Archana Goyal. Three months back I took weight loss diet plan from Nutritionist n life style educator ,Neha Ranglani. I reduced from 62kg to 56kg.I was able to achieve my fitness goal with continuous monitoring n guidance of Neha mam.She is very friendly n always there to answer all my queries.She made me understand the importance of physical activity.So now I have started doing exercise n involve in other physical activities.Overall I feel so satisfied now because my body feels so light and my day is much more active now.Its a complete makeover of my lifestyle and I feel so happy .Thank u Neha mam.

Archana GoyalHousewife

I have always been the kind of person who believes that hardwork always pays off and when it comes to weight-loss I was looking for that right guidance and then finally I came across Neha. So I remember my first meeting with her wherein she introduced me to the world of plant based nutrition and I was very hesitant at first considering I was a hardcore meat eater and she told me at least try it for a month and then I made up my mind and gave it a shot. To my surprise in the first week itself I was down by 6 kilograms. And immediately after a week, physically and mentally I was so much better. After that there was no looking back I have gained so much more confidence, I am in such a positive space in my life now that I can’t even describe. The other best quality which I found in Neha was that she understood my issues and explained to me in a very detailed manner about why I wasn’t losing weight despite working out hard. I started my journey back in the last week of October 2019 and it’s mid May and I am down by 30 kilograms and I cannot thank Neha for that enough.

Puneet RawtaniSEO Manager

I would really like to thank Neha ma’am for the superb diet plan. The diet plan is very healthy as well as very tasty to eat. I have lost 5 kgs and now I feel more energetic and more postive about my body. Thank you so much ma’am.

Aanya Burad12 y/o( student)

The very first time I met her, I felt a lot of positivity and I am very much satisfied with her treatments.I came to her with severe frozen shoulder and arthritis and i had visited every doctor but never found relief in anything. After starting Neha’s guidelines I went off painkillers which I was taking for 10months in just a week.. I am very relieved now.Thank you


I live in Abu Dhabi UAE and from about 2 months i was facing severe gut issues like bloating , bad acid refluxes, sour/rusty taste within my chest and mouth, bowel issues and some chest pains as well. There was a sudden loss of appetite and I couldn’t eat at all, like nothing would suit my system. I went to the doctor multiple times and he would just load me with medicines. Nothing would work and in this process I lost 12 kgs in 2 months. This is the worst way to lose weight and only I know how I was feeling not able to eat and obviously its frustrating. And then kicks in anxiety which is another dimension.
Anyhow, I contacted Neha and discussed all these issues. While doctors were making guesses and still couldn’t figure after a few tests, Neha knew exactly what was to be done. She gave me a diet plan to follow and certain other things and so I did!! Many close to me didn’t agree with me doing this as it involved strict following and she told me it will take some time. To my surprise, within 3 days my issues were cleared, appetite back to normal, no more pain, no more frustrations!! Being a foodie, I loved the amazing feeling of eating again!!

Thank you so much Neha, you are amazing!! You knowledge on nutrition is top level and your understanding of gut health and digestive system is phenomenal. Besides that your yoga recommendations and meditation structure is so spot on.

When it comes to gut issues, natural healing is the way to go and Neha is your go to person for nutritional curing. It’s a lifestyle you adopt and to help that, theres no one better in my experience to go to other than Neha.

Thank you so much for curing me Neha.
Big Love.

Hitesh BhojrajAVP First Abu Dhabi Bank