It has been two years that I have been associated with you. My journey with you started with addressing my sugar levels (Diabetes). When I first made contact with you, the fasting sugar was 300. Through your guidance and diet plan, within the first two months I was showing results and achieved levels of 100 fasting sugar.

To me as a human, the journey was not about addressing the medical condition. It was an awakening. Change in eating habits. Knowing the body and learning how the body operates.

Recently, during the current pandemic, and work from home, I had lost track and found myself in the trap and sugar readings went high once again, to 200 fasting levels. All the contributing factors to such a result was due to my oversight and not following the plan you had suggested. Overindulgence of food, zero exercise. Where I was supposed to be careful, I became careless.

However, this time around, when I shared with you my concern, the engagement with you touched a new high of self-realisation. Self-awareness and valuing self and the body were the guiding principles. Within 2 weeks, you not only helped me reach the unimaginable level of sugar management (below 100 fasting), but you helped me learn what is the requirement of the body.

Earlier and this time, the doctors who treated me were unable to believe the results. The suggestion from them the first time and this time was to increase dosage of medicine, but with your guidance on avail, I have never ever gone that route but trusted you and your path.

I must comment and add, you are a gifted soul, and the universe has blessed you with the art of treating things the natural way, and I thank the universe to connect me with you.

The exercises, the diet, the yoga and your personal communication and your personal interest in your client is a support that a human being requires in such times, you are the motivation and I thank you for everything. I remain indebted and obliged…………