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frequently asked questions

I believe, if one can lose weight by starving, he/she does not need a dietician. But to lose weight in the right way, one needs to eat right and that's what I do. I help you understand what your body needs, at what time and in how much proportion. With my diet plans, you won't feel weak or excessively hungry as I prescribe everything in moderation.
It depends from person to person. Ideally, you can lose upto 1 kg in a week. However, this can vary depending on factors such as gender, age, ailments etc.
No. It's not a product that comes with a guarantee or warranty. But I can assure to guide you intensively to meet your goals in the best possible way.
The best results are seen in people who regularly follow-up instead of keeping long gaps between follow-ups. The compliance to the diet is better when you know you are answerable to me and yourself every week. A follow-up between 7-10 days gives excellent results as I get a chance to change or modify your diet based on your progress.
Don't worry, a follow up can happen over the phone, Whatsapp or Skype to make sure your progress is not interrupted.
No. I believe food is good enough to do the magic.
I prescribe supplements only if there is a deficiency or a genuine need of it.
You can call, SMS or Whatsapp me at any given point of time.
With an active social life, one cannot avoid eating out. However, you can learn the art of eating healthy. I provide you with the best guidelines for eating out and assist you on Whatsapp in case you have any doubts about a particular dish served at a restaurant or party.
Yes, exercise and diet are like a beautiful couple and weave magic when they come together. Along with your diet plan, I set your exercise pattern for the best results.